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May 26, 2015

Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge is officially announced


Samsung has been teasing fans for some time with the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition and finally they have made the announcement. The awesome Iron Man edition features the iconic red colour scheme with gold accents and even arrives with an Arc Reactor Qi charging plate.

Officially called the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition, the handset arrives with 64GB ofinternal storage and will launch in South Korea on May 27, with 1,000 units up for grabs. The terrible news tho is Samsung has only mentioned that China and Hong Kong will receive the limited edition handset in the month of June, with no word on UK or U.S. availability at this stage. DAMMIT


The device arrives in what can only be described as the best packaging ever that features an engraving of Iron Man’s faceplate. The faceplate can also be found engraved onto the rear of the Galaxy S6 Edge as well. The device also arrives with an Iron Man themed OS and basically just looks awesome.

So overall I’m willing to sell my kidney for this so if you want to arrange that feel free to drop me an email and I’ll sign the paperwork.

Source – Samsung Tommorow

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