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July 9, 2015

Is Facebook planning to launch a music streaming service?


Music streaming services are about as common as tech YouTube channels these days but that doesn’t seem to bother Facebook. Music Ally reports that Facebook is indeed working on a subscription service of its own after recent reports tied the social giant to record labels via it’s Vevo like ad-supported music videos. All that aside the report still says that Facebook is in fact eying a place in the audio streaming game as well. Apparently Facebook are however fully focused on getting the video platform up and running first of all with the music streaming service being a future project.

Personally I don’t see Facebook building there own service, instead I reckon they will buy a smaller service much like they did with Instagram. What’s your thoughts on yet another streaming service? The more competition the better? Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Via – Business Insider
Source – Music ally

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