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Here at BeginnersTech we love to protect our precious devices, who wouldn’t when the prices just keep on rising and repair bill’s are following suit. When selecting my case of choice I always look for two things, great protection level and great style. This is why ITSKINS has always been one of my go to company’s as not only do they provide great case’s for protection, they also offer some of the stylish cases we have seen on the market.


Today we are looking at ITSKINS Evolution case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5/5s. You can pick this case up for a number of devices in a large variety of colours for the awesome price of $29.90. When you receive your ITSKINS case you will notice that even the packaging looks great. Pull the case from its packaging and you will be presented with not only the case, as ITSKINS kindly include a screen cover, micro-fiber cloth and application tool as well.

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The case itself is constructed from two pieces, one layer of TPU (rubber) and one layer of polycarbonate (plastic). The layers can be separated if you wish but this is not required for fitting to or removing from your device so best left as is. The Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s fit into the case with ease and they feel nice and secure while in the case as well. A quick look around and you will see that all the ports and buttons are easily accessible while using this case, infact the power button and volume rocker are easier to access while in this case as they protrude slightly due to the rubber.

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In terms of protection the ITSKINS Evolution case is ideal for those who like to ensure they have great protection without totally over bulking their device. The rubber ensures all the impact zones (corners of device) are fully protected while the hard shell takes care of the rest. The rubber also extends over the front of the device to create a protective lip for the screen incase you like to leave your device face down on the desk.

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If you are looking for a case with awesome style and great protection then look no further. The Evolution case looks great with it’s unique curves and it will compliment any device you want to protect. The price is also a huge bonus as under the $30 mark and I honestly feel you will not be disappointed. If you want to have a look at the full range visit ITSKINS now.

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