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November 16, 2011

j5Create brings foolproof cross-device sharing

j5create has released an update to its uber easy cross-device sharing accessories that can bring Mac,PC and even Android Tablets together through USB. Enough of the talking see the official press release below. If only it was wireless..

j5create Adds Three Unique Products to its Existing Line of Computer Peripherals

Two New Wormhole Transfer Cables and One New Wormhole Docking Station Give PC, Android and Mac Users Unparalleled Cross-Compatibility Access

ATLANTA – Nov.15, 2011 – j5create, a manufacturer of computer usability and interface peripherals, introduced three new products featuring the company’s exclusive Wormhole technology, an ideal solution for multiple platform, or multi-computer businesses and families, as a means to copy and share large data, photo and video files. With a simple USB to USB interface, the Wormhole products allow for easy drag-and-drop and copy/paste transfers for files of any size at speeds of up to 480Mbps. The Wormhole products also allow users to connect a laptop or tablet to desktop computers and share keyboard and mouse inputs as well as drag-and-drop file transfers.

Like previous j5create products, the new products provide functionality and appealing design to users. All j5create products are now available at retailers nationwide, including Fry’s Electronics,,,, and the newest authorized retailer, Micro Center..

j5create’s new products include:

Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 200: The JUC 200 allows two computers to share a keyboard and mouse, while supporting drag-and-drop file transfer between two PCs as well as Android devices, in a simple USB-to-USB cable. (MSRP $29.99)
Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 400: The JUC 400 expands upon the JUC 100 by supporting PC-to-Mac as well as PC-to-iPad sharing and file transfer capabilities. (MSRP: $39.99)
Wormhole Station V.2 JUH 320v2: As an official CES 2012 Innovations Award Honoree, The Wormhole Station V.2 adds PC-to-Mac compatibility to j5create’s USB 3.0 Wormhole Station, a docking extension for laptops featuring Ethernet connections, audio connections and USB 3.0 support. With two USB 3.0 ports and a flash memory card reader, the sleek design of the Wormhole Station V.2 also lifts a laptop off the ground enough to provide better air flow without interrupting comfort. (MSRP: $129.99)

“j5create provides customers with easy-to-use tools that are functional and essential to everyday computing,” said Fred Schweer, director of North American sales, j5create. “We pride ourselves on creating unique products in design, capability and simplicity of operation. We’re taking our one-of-kind, high speed transfer, keyboard/mouse sharing Wormhole products to the next level by giving them cross-platform compatibility between PC and Apple computers.”

The plug-and-play feature will allow even technologically un-savvy customers to easily use the products. The exclusive j5create platform will allow the Wormhole Keyboard/Mouse Switches to transfer files at speeds up to 480Mbps or 15 songs per second, while the Wormhole Station will support USB 3.0 speeds, up to 5Gbps or 160 songs per second.

Via – Engadget

Source – j5create

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