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March 20, 2013

Jawbone UP app finally arrives on Android


Those new year resolutions may be a little easier to keep for Android users now that Jawbone has announced that it’s app for UP, a movement tracking wristband, is now available in Google’s Play Store. This is great news for Android users as the app was only compatible with iOS up until now, users of other operating systems will be sad to know that the company has said it has no plans to bring it to Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone which is a real shame. The UP wristband will set you back about £80 ($129) and now it can be purchased in European Apple stores. The company also said that the band will be available in Asia and Australia in the coming month. Here’s the official statement from Travis Bogard, Jawbone vice president of product management and strategy:

“We are excited to expand the UP community by introducing support for Android, 11 new languages for iOS, and product availability in more than 25 additional countries around the world”.

The UP wristband is a great device and sure to get you on the right track. When paired up with the app you will be able to monitor your sleep, movement, food and even mood. It then helps you use this information to make you feel at your best.

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