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August 7, 2012

Judge cheesed off (again) after Samsung accuse Apple of tampering with evidence

It looks like the sleeves are up and the gloves are off in this ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple.

Judge Lucy Koh looked to be a wee bit irritated after Samsung dropped a whopper in her lap during today’s courtroom shennanagans. This time it was Samsung who turned up the heat in the courtroom. Apple presented a photo of a Samsung Epic 4G Touch that shows an icon layout very similar to the iPhone layout. Samsung objected to this claiming Apple had rearranged the icons so that the photo no longer represented the “out of the box” layout of the product.

Samsung then presented its own photo, which Samsung’s legal counsel claimed had been taken on Sunday, showing a different layout and a larger number of homescreens. This only opened the door for Judge Koh to question the veracity of Samsung’s photo as she noted the Google search widget was missing and the image featured Monday’s date. These two items were problematic as Samsung’s legal counsel had earlier claimed the search widget was present on the device out of the box and that the photo had been taken on Sunday. Despite personally inspecting the device in question, it does not appear Judge Koh has received an answer regarding the missing Google search widget. Samsung’s legal counsel did eventually admit to misspeaking about the date when the photo was taken.

Throughout this review of the Epic 4G Touch, Apple’s legal team simply maintained their position that they had not manipulated the device for purposes of producing the image. Judge Koh agreed with Apple’s position and overruled Samsung’s objection.

Moving on from this, both parties will now have to agree in advance on images to be used as joint exhibits.

By Jonny Polea

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Source – Android Authority

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