Kitsound have a great track record for speakers, and this follows through on their Pocket Hive speaker. With its overall black design, and cool blue LED this is a great looking pocket speaker. This is a tiny speaker with a big sound. We’ll be taking a look at it today, and I have to say I was impressed by this little speaker.



I am a big fan of blue LEDs, so seeing this all black speaker sport a nice bright blue LED indicator was great. Given the speaker is small, I was confused by the box size, which was double the height of the speaker. This was all made clear when I opened the box to find a carry case for the speaker, so you can bring it with you wherever you go, and not have to worry about damaging it. The whole speaker is quite minimalist, with nothing going on around it, except that blue light. The Hive part of the name is due to its 6 sided design, and is a breath of fresh air compared to the oblong, barrel shaped speakers.

On side side is the blue LED, while directly behind it, are the charging port and 3.5mm in and out ports. You’ll notice no playback controls, this is due to a massive gamble on Kitsounds part. They have implemented a one-button control system, this can lead to trouble, but with practice works quite well. Hold it down to turn it on, double tap to skip a track, and press once to play/pause/pick up a call.

Pairing was easy, just by turning it on, meant I could connect via bluetooth or by using NFC I just had to give it a little tap. I could also connect my phone to it, using the 3.5mm port and pump the music out that way.


Charging it to full took around 2 – 4 hours, once fully charged I had to play music for around 11 hours before it decided to die. 11 hours playback time isn’t too bad and relatively normal for this sized speaker.



I was told that a speaker this size having a 5 watt driver is quite unusual, but I can see why this is promoted so heavily by Kitsound as that driver, mixed with the hexagon design creates an amazing sound experience.

The sound is pumped out through the speakers grill top, so when listening for any of the sides, the sound is really good. Obviously listening directly from the top means that elements like treble start to sound a bit rough. This is where the speaker design comes into to plan, as the hexagon shape directs the music all around the room, which is where that excellent sound come in.

An added bonus is the rubberized bottom, which means that it will stay secure to the desk using is as an amplifier. Having spoken to a couple of people they agree that the speaker appears to be best suited for studio/electronic instrumental tracks, but can handle tracks from James Brown, and Nazareth just as well.



  • Excellent sound quality from 50 mm drivers and 5 Watts of power
  • Hexagonal passive bass radiator providing deep and well-balanced sound
  • Bluetooth and NFC one touch pairing for multi-connectivity
  • Wired or wireless connectivity: buddying system available to boost sound even further
  • 10 hours of play time and carry case included


I am loving this speaker at the moment. Small speakers which pack this much of a punch are far and few, especially ones that look this good. Check it out on Amazon:

Amazon UK –

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