Christmas may be over but for some of us like me that only means one thing, the start of a long list of birthday presents I now need to buy. If that’s you or if your lucky and you have some spare money from Santa then why not have a look at the KitSound X-Dock 2 from MobileFun. The X-Dock 2 is a perfect gift for you or a loved one who uses one of the latest iPhone’s with the lightning connector as you can dock the iPhone 6, 5S, 5 and 5C with ease, sorry 6 Plus users your device is a little to big for this dock. When docked it will not only charge your device, it will also play music from your device or you can listen to your favourite radio station if you so wish. With that said let’s dive in and take a closer look at the dock.

The KitSound X-Dock 2 retails for £50 so it’s not cheap but you really get what you pay for here. It is also worth noting that the price tag still puts it at the lower end compared to other docks. The size of the dock is also perfect as it doesn’t take up a lot of room on your desk and is light enough to easily through in a bag if your taking a road trip.


Looking at the front of the KitSound X-Dock you will see the the docking station situated to the left hand side and on the right you have your digital display that tells you the time and what mode your in (Aux, iPod and Radio) and if you have alarms set etc. An awesome feature of this dock is that there is no need to set the time as when you dock your iPhone it takes all the information directly from that. The dock also features a padded area to ensure that your device doesn’t get scratched and it is also movable like you see in the picture below.


On top of the X-Dock 2 is were you will find all your buttons, you have Mode, Play/Pause, Volume, Skip and a Shhhh! key which I put to good use every morning. One thing worth noting is that I really liked the placement of the buttons as it makes them easy to press in the morning when I couldn’t bare to open my eyes.

On the rear of the device is where the speaker is situated, it’s not an ideal placement for a speaker but I suppose it wouldn’t fit anywhere else. The best place to sit the dock is with the back close to a wall as this helps amplify the sound. Also on the rear of the device is an power switch, Aux input and DC port. The Aux port is in a great position as it allows you to easily connect up a device with a short cable and have it laying behind the dock. On the underside of the dock you will find a battery door that houses two AAA batteries, these batteries are a backup that will ensure your settings, like time and alarms are not deleted in the event of a power cut.

So how does it perform?

Well the sound quality the X-Dock 2 produces is not to bad at all, don’t get me wrong it is far from excellent but its certainly loud enough to fill a small room allowing you to enjoy your favourite track. I was really impressed with all the functions that have been packed into the dock and being able to use my favourite songs from my iPhone’s playlist as my alarm was certainly more pleasant than a BEEP BEEP BEEP waking me up. You will probably want to keep the audio around 70% as cranking it right up can cause a little distortion. We have made a video review below where you can see it all in action.


Overall the KitSound X-Dock 2 is an awesome piece of kit and I find it to justify the price tag. It looks great and will fit nicely into anyones room and keep your iPhone safe while you sleep. If you are looking for a gift for an iPhone user or for yourself then I would definitely check this out. If you like the look of the X-Dock or want to find out more be sure to check out MobileFun now.


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