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March 7, 2014

DO Launcher pops up again and enters beta stage


There is a plethora of launchers on Google play, and there will be more to come as developers use the new SDK.
XDA Recognized Developer doga.ozkaraca has a launcher called DO Launcher that has popped up again and enters beta stage. DO launcher takes a close resemblance to HTC Sense 5, so much so the when HTC got wind of it they issued a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown letter and the original DO launcher was taken off Google play.


!! What happened Sense 5 Looking based Old Do Launcher !!

It’s long story.
HTC reported me to google for Copyrighted Sense 5 Resources used on my app..
And One day, I got a long mail from HTC and Google.
As you know, Lots of Sense 5 Resources (Icon packs,themes,widgets) are available on Playstore,and they are still there.
But looks like HTC doesn’t like my app.
HTC And Google only removed my app.So blame to HTC….
After all of this, i changed design and worked on more than before,and fixed %80 of bugs. And released again.

But all download counters resetted by google ,actually i released as new app.Because of it’s hard to re-activate my app,it’s banned by DMCA(or something like that i didn’t even understand actually what was going on…).

So in short, All design changed and all resources removed and added “free for commercial usage” stuff.And it’s stable than before..

Now doga.ozkaraca has jumped over all the hurdles and has release a totally new version of DO launcher, it allows users of other devices to use HTC’s  Sense 5 look-a-like on any device.

It has been reworked and much more stable the the alpha version.

A few options have been added like a share button in news reader. And since the developer estimates that 80% of the bugs have been fixed, he now calls the current version a beta. The launcher itself hasn’t changed much since its initial release. Users are still able to read their RSS feeds on their home screens, check the weather forecast, and basically enjoy a Sense 5-like experience on non-HTC devices.

To check out the HTC look-a-like launcher on your device from the links below. You will see a free and pro links


Free beta version


Pro version

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