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May 28, 2015

Lenovo Announces New VR Goggles

Lenovo, the giant Chinese laptop and smartphone manufacturer, who also bought Motorola recently, is expanding its market once again. This time it’s the virtual reality world they’re diving into. Today at its TechWorld event in Beijing Lenovo introduced its new Lenovo VR Goggles. Similar to Samsung Gear VR, the Lenovo VR Goggles use a smartphone, in this case a Lenovo smartphone, as the display, requiring you to slide the phone into the headset in order to work.

The headset features a dial on either side to adjust each lens and a dial at the top to bring the image into focus. There’s no touchscreen on the headset so all the on-screen navigation must be done with a remote control. Lenovo hasn’t announced a price yet, but they said its new VR Goggles will launch by the end of this year globally. Of course the headset will not be very popular in countries were very few Lenovo smartphones are sold like the UK or USA, but with Motorola being part of Lenovo now, there might be a chance the headset will support Moto devices, too.

Source: Android Authority

Image Source: TomsGuide

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