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November 5, 2014

Lets Talk Gotham – Episode 7 Review: Penguin’s Umbrella

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This review contains spoilers

This weeks episode of Gotham was the best episode so far in my opinion. It featured many twists, put the core cast in serious danger and included plenty of surprises. It is safe to save I loved every minute.

This review isn’t going to be short as there is a lot to get through. The episode starts with the entire cast in Penguin’s Umbrella finding out that Jim didn’t kill Oswald like he was supposed to and this caused some serious action to take place. Gotham really needed an episode like this to take place as it has been severely criticised thus far and to be honest some of the criticism was fair.

After everyone found out that Cobblepot was not dead Gordon instantly became a target with Fish Mooney blowing a gasket and Bullock just as unhappy. We had a nice locker room face off between Gordon and Bullock after which Gordon returned home to find Mooney’s hit squad holding Barbara hostage while awaiting his return. Gordon didn’t take kindly to this and deals with the thugs promptly and efficiently, he then takes Barbara to the bus station in order for her to leave Gotham in hope she can stay safe while he continues his crusade.

We then find Gordon return to his workplace, a move we obviously know wasn’t great as every officer in the place is as crooked as the criminals. It leads to many stares and whispers but his strong character shows no weakness and carries on with his mission. It is then that we are introduced to Victor Zsasz who is playing the part of one of Falcone’s henchmen, but he still has the trademarks and menace those of us who have read the comics will know. Basically Zsasz is there to take Gordon against his will to a meeting with Falcone but Jim is not willimg to go quietly. This part of the episode is certainly a powerful moment as every cop in the station up and leaves when Zsasz angrily tells them to. This in turn leaves Zsasz and Gordon to have a firefight in the empty station. I just hope we see more scenes like this as it really done the show a favour and let’s viewers see just how powerful the criminals are in Gotham.

Victor ZSASZ

During the firefight with Zsasz and his two henchwoman Gordon manages to take a bullet in the side and just as it looks like Zsasz had caught up with Gordon,¬†Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen bust on the scene and save him. Montoya even gives Jim an apology for not believing he was telling the truth all along. The group end up at Wayne Manor after patching Gordon up which leads to an emotional scene where Gordon speaks with Bruce and tells him that he is not sure he will be able to keep the promise of finding his parents killer. Bruce is not happy with his explanation and demands more information, the scene ends with Gordon passing the case over to Montoya and Allen and shaking Bruce’s hand in what seemed a very adult like goodbye.

As you can imagine it’s not just Gordon who is under fire in this episode as we see Fish Mooney’s angry side return as the war over Penguin begins. In this scene Fish Mooney take’s down one of Moroni’s gun shipments to get his attention but Cobblepot in his usual smart and sneaky way give’s his boss the details he needs to retaliate. The retaliation against Falcone sees Fish’s lover Nikolai and one of Falcone’s lieutenants taken out. The action didn’t stop their tho as the ever witty Cobblepot take’s one of Moroni’s chums out out who doesn’t like the influence he has over Moroni and accuses him of being a liar. This scene really helps build the Penguin’s character and is certainly one of the most chilling scenes witnessed to date.

As you can imagine the stunts from both sides comes to a head as Moroni and Falcone call a meeting where they work out their differences, at least for the moment. The result seemed to go in Moroni’s favour as he get’s to keep his pet Penguin and all Falcone get’s is a piece of real estate in Arkham called Indian Hill that turns out is a toxic waste dump situated over an old Indian burial ground. It all seemed a bit suspect to me at this point as the compromise really didn’t seem fair but all was to be revealed shortly. As the pair make up the focus then shifts back to our friend Gordon who is hiding out in Barbara’s loft preparing an arsenal. It is then a drunk Bullock shows up with a heavy woman and tells Gordon he’s ready to roll with him and back his crazy plan. I say crazy as Bullock soon finds out the plan is to arrest the Mayor of Gotham and Falcone based on the knowledge of their crimes and start a rico case.

Gotham Falcon house

The never ending action returns as Gordon and Bullock arrest the Mayor in what can only be described as a Bad Boy’s style arrest and use him to infiltrate Falcone’s palace. After Bullock rounds up Falcone’s posse Gordon let’s Falcone know what he intends to do to him and the Mayor. Falcone clearly seems like he couldn’t care less at this point. The reason for his cool state becomes apparent as he tells Gordon that he has Barbara and none other than Zsasz is watching over her. Bullock and Gordon find this hard to believe at first and assume Falcone is lying as she went on the bus, right? Gordon then demands proof in which Falcone refuses saying that he will just have to believe him. Gordon eventually gives in out of fear for Barbara’s safety as Falcone repeats his speech about how Gotham needs men like Gordon and Bullock, he also says that anarchy is the enemy and not him. Falcone then tells Gordon that believing him is a good first step and let’s them go free much to Zsasz’s disgust as he returns with Barbara in hand. Obviously this gesture leaves Gordon and Bullock wondering what the catch is. When they ask Falcone he tells Gordon that he wants him to think and understand the truth about Gotham. He goes on to say that someday he will know that Falcone is right about Gotham.

As Gordon and Barbara have a cuddle we see Falcone enjoying a muffin that we seen Fish’s girl making. Falcone then retires out to his chicken coop. Just as it seems like the episode is ending none other than the Penguin arrives, umbrella in hand and a smile on his face. Falcone and Penguin share a moment in an episode flashback where we see Cobblepot tell Falcone how good he is at deceiving people after he get’s captured. It is during this flashback we see that Cobblepot actually hatched the plan to have Gordon “kill” him, leaving him the opportunity to then work his way into the Moroni family and work for Falcone as a snitch. Penguin also tells Falcone about Nikolai and Fish’s plan to over through him so he allows Penguin to go ahead with his scheme. We then return to current day were we see Falcone tell Penguin that he think’s it’s a mistake to allow Gordon to live. In response Penguin say’s that he is convinced Gordon will one day see the light.


Just wow. In conclusion I am so happy that Gotham has finally lived up to it’s name in what is the best episode to date. It leaves me only hoping the rest follow in similar fashion. the introduction of Victor Zsasz was great and I can’t wait to see what they do with this character and how he evolves. This episode mainly focused on the crime families which managed to really grip me and leave me wanting more. If Gotham continues like this i can see the ratings going through the roof. Let me know what you think of the latest episode.

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