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October 28, 2013

LG G Flex officially announced with its banana like curve and 720p display


LG’s G Flex has been appearing in leaks all over the internet and now the curved smartphone has been made official. The G Flex has a 6-inch 720p curved OLED display, it’s powered by that awesome Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM, features a 13-megapixel camera and those rear buttons just below that now seems to be LG’s new thing. The device itself weighs in at 177g and is curved like a banana which is the opposite to Samsung’s new curved device the Galaxy Round that curves from side to side. As we haven’t held either device yet its hard to tell what it will be like but at the minute the Galaxy Round seems to.make more sense.

As you would expect the new G Flex holds many features we seen on the lovely LG G2. Those features include high-fidelity audio playback and recording, dual window app functionality and one of my favourite features of the G2 tap-to-wake can also be found on the G Flex. There are also special animations depending on where and how you unlock the phone but the most interesting news is the self healing coating on the rear of the phone? Yes I did say self healing, the Korean press are reporting that this coating can repair hairline scratches and LG say they are repaired “within minutes”. Much like the Galaxy Round the G Flex will only be released in Korea with no word of it ever making an appearance globally. Either way maybe the rest of the world are not ready for these new curved smartphones are you? The full press release is below if you would like a read.

Show Press Release

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