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May 12, 2014

LG release new details of their G Watch

lg-g-watch-1LG’s global site has updated its page (link below) on the G Watch smartwatch. They reveal some new details about the Android Wear-powered wrist-piece.

The site confirms that the G Watch will be water- and dust-proof very useful for a watch after all!  You have two colour options “Stealth Black” and “Champagne Gold” and, perhaps most interestingly, that it will features an always-on screen.


The always-on screen might seem like an obvious feature for a smartwatch – after all, you’d expect a traditional wristwatch to display the time all the time – but battery conservation means that some of the G Watch’s rivals can’t pull it off. The Samsung Gear 2, for instance, saves power by shutting its screen off until the movement of the wearer’s arm wakes it up.

The G Watch will be among the first wave of Android Wear devices to go on sale, and it’s been reported it will be available before the end of July for “less than £180”.

LG has released a teaser video for the G watch. It’s light on details, but has dramatic music and flashes of the waterproof design and Android Wear interface.

Via LG


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