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April 25, 2013

LG to produce a flexible display smartphone by years end


With all of the innovation that the mobile industry has seen over the years, it’s only logical to assume that the next big innovation would be a flexible display. Samsung has already announced its plans to release a smartphone with a flexible display, but now LG is going to try to beat them to the punch.

In a call discussing LG’s latest financial results, the company’s vice president of mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun, said that he and his division were working very closely with LG Display to bring a flexible OLED display smartphone to the mobile market my years end. The phone itself will not be flexible – since there is a rigid battery and circuitry – but the display will most likely wrap around the edges of the phone.

There have been many challenges for both Samsung and LG when it comes to their OLED technology. Both companies have missed release dates for their OLED TV product lines, but maybe things are starting to improve.

We have heard for some time now that a flexible display smartphone is on its way. However, nothing has been release other than the tease from a trade show presentation model. Now that LG and Samsung have announced their plans to release a flexible display, maybe our waiting will soon be over. For real this time!!

Source: The Verge, PhoneArena

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