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October 22, 2013

Logitech show off their enterprise P710e Bluetooth speakerphone


Remember the days when everyone came to the office to work? Well nowadays more and more of us work from home – just like me – especially parents of a young family, who can’t always afford to take time off work or the cost of getting to work is becoming too costly.


The need to converse with your colleagues in the office,at home or on the move is now becoming much easier to do. One thing that has been holding back the conference calling was not only the all round cost but the sound quality of the system being used.

Logitech have their UC (Unified Communications) label. Which they offer products to work with different environments.

Logitech is hoping the increasingly mobile workforce whose needs for quality speakerphone audio will like its latest Bluetooth speaker, the P710e. Built to be used with any make of smartphone  or tablet over Bluetooth as well as your laptop over USB. The P710e brings enterprise-level speakerphone quality to any device that you connect it to.

On the mobile side, the P710e offers Bluetooth pairing over NFC, as well as a device dock in the top of the speaker for making video calls. When working wirelessly, Logitech is quoting 15 hours of battery life for the device, which should get you through even the longest conference calls with ease.

Logitech have priced of the P710e at £129.99, but there isn’t any easy way to buy one just yet, clicking on the ‘how to buy’ icon sends you to a form to fill in. As an enterprise-focused device we are not sure when you will be able to actually buy one.

One thing you can be sure of, this certainly isn’t your average consumer-focused Bluetooth speaker.

Source: Logitech blog; Logitech P710e page


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Senior Editor
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