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July 3, 2015

Low-price Nexus Android One Launching July 14

Android One CUT

The goal of Google’s Android One program is to sell pure Android devices on low power systems so that emerging smartphone markets can afford to buy them. A new report suggests that an “affordable Nexus” is set to launch on July 14 as part of the Android One program.

The Economic Times says the phone is built by Lava International and will launch in Delhi, India.

Although it will be marketed as “affordable”, the new Android One device will reportedly cost Rs 12,000, or about $189 USD, which is twice as much as other Android One smartphones previously sold in the same market. The device allegedly features a 5-inch screen and 2GB of RAM. The same price tag the Motorola Moto G currently has.

Android One hasn’t been as successful as Google expected it to be, but this device might change that, providing future-proof specs so it can run Android smoothly for several years while maintaining a low price so emerging markets can buy it.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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