When it comes to Charging your phone is has become a very simple routine now as all Android smartphones have the USB micro plug as standard. Gone are the days of each manufacturer having their own type of plugs. Let’s not forget the iPhone 5 of course although Apple still have their own Lighting charging cable, it’s still capable to charge wirelessly.
Now with wireless charging coming on stream with more devices having the feature it gives Beginnerstech the chance to review compatible wireless chargers.

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So today we have the Lugulake Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad With 6000mAh Battery Power Bank, which comes in Black, White or Red. We have the black version to put through it’s paces.

What is a Power Bank?
Where a standard Qi wireless charger is just that, a flat (not un-similar in size to the HTC One Max or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) slab that lays flat on your desk or table, with one MicroUSB connector socket. The Power Bank is virtually the same but, with  an USB 5v output socket that allow you to attach a non-wireless device.

So let’s get this review going:

The Lugulake Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad With 6000mAh Battery Power Bank, is a very powerful device, if like me you carry a portable charger then you can forget that as this comes with a built-in 6000mAh battery allowing you to charge devices such as Smartphones, Cameras and Tablets, On-The-Go.
Having used the device straight out of the box which by the way came 80% charged it topped up my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 with ease.

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Senior Editor
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