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March 2, 2015

MediaTek looking at putting its Halo X10 in Chromebooks

Toshiba_Chromebook_2-1With most Chromebooks running Intel processors and, Nvidia’s 32-bit Tegra K1 appearing in a few. Chipmaker Mediatek wants to muscle in on the market and sees an opportunity to expand its market base beyond Android tablets and smartphones.

MediaTek have announced its new high-performance mobile chip, the Helio X10, which already supports Chrome OS.


Kevin Jou, vice president and chief technology officer at MediaTek, said in an interview on Sunday ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Besides powering Chromebooks, the chip is also a fit for other thin-and-light laptops and hybrid laptop-tablets.

Chromebooks have grown in popularity with Google rumoured to be readying a hybrid tablet / Chromebook as a low-cost alternative to Windows PCs, for users who do most of their computing while online. Most Chromebook applications require Internet connectivity, though more applications are moving to offline functionality as well.

Chromebooks don’t require fast processors as most of applications processing is done in the cloud. But a few have said that the 2GB ram is a little bit under powering some Chromebooks and the 4GB ram is far better allowing more tabs to be opened at any one time.
Mediatek believe a  model with an eight-core Helio X10 could be a powerhouse, with the ability to support 4K videos and high-resolution screens. The Helio X10 can encode and decode 4K video at 30 frames per second, and also support monitors with 120Hz refresh rates, which is a key specification for high-resolution gaming.

For now, the fastest ARM-based Chromebook is Acer’s Chromebook 13, which runs on Nvidia’s 32-bit Tegra K1 processor, like the Acer cb5-311

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