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October 21, 2014

Microsoft launches Xbox One Digital Tv Tuner for Europe


When the Xbox One launched Microsoft told us that it was more than just a games console, they called it a fully fledged home entertainment hub. If you live in the USA all you had to do to utilize the Xbox One’s TV integration was plug an HDMI cable into your set-top box from the console and you were good to go.

For some of us in Europe it was unfortunately not as simple due to the fact coaxial cables are still in high use here. You need not worry anymore as Microsoft has released the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, a small USB device that will turn that old school coaxial output into a signal the console will understand. The cost of the unit is £25 in the UK and €30 in Europe and you can pick one up today from the Microsoft Store . Its a shame that some will have to pay extra to utilise these features but when you get up and running you will have your own DVR allowing you to record shows among many other cool features.

Source – Xbox Wire

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