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March 26, 2015

Microsoft starts rolling out Skype for web beta

skype-logo-placeholderMicrosoft starts rolling out Skype for web beta using your favourite web browser.

You can connect to Skype for Web from Internet Explorer, Chrome on Windows, Firefox or Safari on your computer – so whichever browser you prefer. Not only are basic text conversations supported, but both video and regular voice calls too.


The beta program was open to those who have received invitations from Microsoft to try out Skype for Web, but now it’s open to all. You may however need to install the plug-in, on my Chromebook it just loaded without having to install any plug-in.



Get chatting straight away
You can use Skype for Web without having to download an app before you get started, which means anyone new to Skype can get chatting even faster. Simply sign in to Skype for Web on and you’ll be able to connect and start instant messaging directly from your browser.

Bringing voice, video and instant messaging to

Once you’ve signed in on, you can start instant messaging friends straight away. Making great quality voice or video calls is just as easy; simply press the call button to connect. As you may have read in the last few weeks, Skype and our friends at Internet Explorer are starting to implement the technology to make Real-Time Communications (RTC) on the web a reality, but for now, before your first call, you’ll need to install a small plug-in to start your conversation. In the future, using Skype on the web will become even easier and convenient. Imagine you wanted to meet your child’s teacher, or conduct an online interview with a potential candidate -you’ll be able to chat over Skype directly from a browser in just a click. With WebRTC, there won’t be any downloads or installs – you can just get straight to your conversation.

While that work continues, look out for access to Skype for Web on in the coming weeks – give it a try and let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, the Skype Community and through the feedback links in Skype for Web.

Skype sign in: Skype beta for web

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