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April 9, 2013

Mobile-Platform Survey Reaps Interesting Results


There are a lot of smartphones to choose from these days. With Apple and Google dominating the market, are consumers content with their current platform? A recent survey conducted by a shopping app and website BuyVia says yes.

In the survey, 46 percent of Apple iPhone users said they have no desire to switch to Android, and 42 percent of Android users have no plans to switch to iOS. This indicates that consumers are quite content with their current choice of mobile platform.

When it comes to upgrading their device, however, the survey’s results were more varied. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 41 percent want the next iPhone
  • 19 percent want the Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 25 percent are not sure what to do
  • 4.7 percent want the  Windows Phone
  • 2 percent want the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • 2 percent want the new BlackBerry 10
  • 2 percent want something else

“There’s a large amount of speculation about Apple losing its market dominance in the smartphone market, and there’s no doubt that Apple’s feeling the pressure,” BuyVia CEO and co-founder Norman Fong said in a statement to eWeek. “Our survey finds that people still want the iPhone, but it’s clear their popularity is somewhat eroding. Consumers are more discriminating about features and pricing, no matter what platform they buy. Whether it’s a cheaper iPhone, or potential products like the rumored iWatch, no position is safe and everyone has to continue to step up their game.”

Another interesting question the survey asked consumers was how often they upgrade their phone. It was determined that:

  • 30 percent upgrade every two to three years
  • 28 percent upgrade every time their current contract expires
  • 14 percent upgrade every year
  • 17 percent said that they had no timeframe as to when they upgrade their device

It seems that the competition between mobile platforms and their fight for market share is only increasing. So what’s your opinion? Do you follow the trend from this survey? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

Source: eWeek

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