The one accessory I always get when purchasing a new handset is a charging dock. After the iPhone 5 was released Apple told us that they were not going to release docks this time round. This wasn’t really a problem to me as Apple’s official docks are always overpriced anyway. So in my search for a new dock the kind guys over at MobileFun supplied me with their very own iPhone 5 charge and sync dock.

There are many docks out there you can buy id you are looking for an iPhone 5 charger but MobileFun’s offer a simplistic dock at a great price and it will do everything you need it to. This lightning dock offers a compact desktop design making it perfect for syncing music and pictures to and from your Mac or PC.  It features a non-slip rubber on the bottom and a lightning port on the rear as-well. MobileFun also give you the option of purchasing with or without an extra lightning cable, for an extra £8 you would be mad not to include one.

The iPhone slides into the lightning dock with ease and remains nice and sturdy while docked. MobileFun tell us that an thin case can be used along with this dock so we went ahead and gave it a try.

As you can see the iPhone docked with no problems while we had our case on. Bare in mind that it has to be a thin case, docking with the likes of an Otterbox is out of the question.

Overall this dock is a great buy and comes in both black and white. The price of the dock is £29.99 with the extra lightning cable or £21.95 without. I would recommend this dock to anyone who is looking to buy one, you will not be disappointed.



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