PowerBank Lite

In this video we go hands on with the 1,500mAh PowerBank Lite from MobileSolarChargers. This powerbank is a great piece of kit and as the name suggests it is very portable and lite. The Powerbank itself was able to give our HTC One a good few extra hours of heavy use ensuring we made it through the working day. Powerbanks are becoming more popular these days as mobile battery life seems to be decreasing with every new handset released. MSC specialize in this field and have a whole host of powerbanks that we will be featuring over the next few weeks.

PowerBank Lite front

This particular model also features a solarpanel and although it wont fully charge your device after a few hours in the sun it will give you enough juice to make a quick call or send a text so it is very handy to have this option. The powerbank lite is priced at £14.95 and it is money well spent if your battery woes are similar to ours. We hope you enjoy the video and as always feel free to contact us with any questions at all.

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