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October 18, 2014

Modder creates PS4 laptop named PlayBook 4


Modder Ed Zarick who brought us the Xbox One/laptop hybrid called the”Xbook One” has been back at work with his latest creation. Ed has decided he didn’t want to leave PlayStation 4 users out in the cold so has introduced the “Playbook 4”. The “PlayBook 4” is basically a combination of Sony’s PlayStation 4, custom 3D printed parts and a 22-inch Vizio monitor.

It is similar to the Xbook One in that it’s portable but like the Xbook it lacks a built in battery so will require you to be close to a power outlet to use. This isn’t really a problem as every where you go these day’s has power outlets that we can utilise so you can pretty much get your game on anywhere. If your interested in owning a PlayBook 4 it will set you back roughly $1500, you can get it a little cheaper at $1095 plus shipping if you send Ed your own PS4. We have attached Ed’s video showing off the system below and we must say it;s certainly impressive.

Thanks for sending this in.

Source – Ed’s Junk

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