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May 5, 2015

Moto 360 watch face app ‘Minimal and Elegant’ incorporates black area at bottom of screen

LittleWords_MainMany people who wear the Moto 360 complained about the black area (also commonly known as the Flat Tyre) at the bottom on the screen. Even those who do not wear it found it off-putting. We know that this area contains the display sensors, which allow it to auto-adjust brightness.

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LittleWords_4 LittleWords_6 LittleWords_7

The full name of the app is actually – Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant, but we are pointing it out today because it was recently updated to include a new featured called Little Worlds that aims to put to use that flat tyre area.


Little Worlds are as the name suggests, utilises the black space at the bottom of the watch to show silhouettes. It could be a silhouette of a city or the moon or even something as random as Mario jumping over a block. If you take a look at the image above, you’ll see that I set mine up with a London. Cool, right?LittleWatch_BT

I posted a link on twitter last night and most of the guys liked it even those using others makes of watches.

The rest of the watch face app is filled with additional settings from colour changes to adding gradient adjustments and font or glowing effects. First thing to say here is the layout style is constant, that includes a scrolling hour and minute time, there’s nothing you can do about it. If you don’t mind the layout, then I think you will really enjoy all of the different items you can tweak here, including this new Little Worlds section.


To set it up, you’ll have to first install the app, costs a paltry 59p. Open your Android Wear app, then tap watch faces  “Minimal & Elegant.” Once you have tapped on it twice to enter the app’s settings, you’ll find all of the options located under grey panels which drop-down to reveal each section options. In the Little Worlds section, there are a bunch of pre-loaded options, but there are instructions for loading up additional Worlds that have been created by community members. Take my advice and go check out the G+ community – members are creating all sorts of goodies.

★ Custom Fonts!
★ Display the weather in the way you want – icon or text
★ Two weather providers – choose better for your location
★ Amazing Little Worlds addon! Have fun still staying minimal & elegant!
★ Gradients for your background!
★ Set your desired text and background color and brightness
★ Automatically program any change of color (Color Scheduler)
★ Compose 2 unique texts and enjoy the use of special tags in them
★ Use EMOJI in custom text lines
★ Display the date as you desire
★ Freely integrate battery level of your watch or phone
★ 12 or 24 hour watch display.
★ Vary font size: SMALL, STANDARD, BIG, BIG+(for info text)
★ Adjust the size of notification card
★ Opt for transparent notification card
★ Enjoy full color or black&white in dimmed mode

Follow that, Apple Watch 🙂

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