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December 20, 2014

Motorola Moto 360 Update Gets Exclusive New Features with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop

moto-360-watch-faces-1200-80The list of devices to get the most recent version of Google’s Android operating system now includes the Motorola Moto 360, where users are receiving the updated to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, as we speak, with all official features of the operating system. Plus a few extra goodies developed specifically for the smartwatch. The update was promised about a month ago in November, and it’s now becoming a reality.

However, the release didn’t go without a hitch – apparently, the update was hit by a small delay, forcing Motorola to postpone its rollout by a few hours. It was originally planned to be released by the end of Tuesday, but now the plans have changed slightly. There have been reports of users receiving two consecutive updates, as Motorola have apparently had to release a hot-fix for some issues on certain builds of the operating system, although the situation isn’t entirely clear.


In any case, according to Motorola, everyone should have the update by now, even though December 15 was given as the official deadline for the release. The final version of the update is reportedly being released in a build with the number LWX48T, and the new update is reported to be quite small, leading to speculation that it was nothing more than a bug-fix release for some last-minute issues.

Other than the various new features brought to the table by Android 5.0.1, owners of the Moto 360 can now enjoy new changes to the interface meant to make it more comfortable on a device with its screen type. Navigating the watch’s menus is now apparently slightly easier and more intuitive, with even more changes planned by Motorola that they say will be “coming soon”.


In addition, those who’ve grown tired of their selection of watch faces can now download new official ones from the Play Store like, Moto Connect and the ever popular Facer watch face. And finally, the API for watch faces is now public, something which developers have been expecting for quite a while. What this means is that anyone is now free to make their own custom designs for watch faces, which, given the size of the community surrounding the Moto 360, should mean a huge variety of custom faces coming out in the next weeks.

There have already been previews for various impressive-looking custom projects being posted around discussion boards, and it seems that some people have quite the creative ideas for designing their own watch faces for the Moto 360. Users keen on device customization should definitely be pleased to hear that, and should keep an eye on Android forums for the upcoming influx of custom face releases. And those who’re feeling more creative can even try coming up with their own designs!

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