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February 10, 2014

Motorola release Droid Zap to all Android users

Droid Zap by Motorola   Android Apps on Google Play

The exclusive Motorola Droid Zap application is no more. it’s now available to all Android users on Google play.
When Motorola originally released the app,  it greatly restricted the number of users who could zap photos to anyone in a 1,000 foot radius. But not anymore.

As long as you have an Android phone you can install the application and get to sharing photos with people in your immediate area.

Droid Zap is a fast and easy way to share photos and videos with the people around you. With a simple swipe of the screen, your phone searches for other android phones in your area that also have the Zap App. You can then send and receive files either publicly or with pin-protection.

It uses your smartphone’s GPS/WiFi functionality to identify your location. This will require a data network to download the photos and videos.

NEW for v2.1
Now any Android phone can send and receive photos! Simply download the Droid Zap App, link below.
For DROID owner on ‘Jellybean’ OS or higher, we’ve also added Zap Zone, which allows multiple people to magically share pictures at your next party. Simply Zap the invite to your friends and your smartphones are magically connected. Any pictures you take or your friends take will automatically be shared for the duration of the Zap Zone.

This application requires your Google ID for setup.

DROID Zap is copyright 2013 by Motorola Mobility LLC. For additional questions or feedback, contact MotoCare at

Motorola Privacy Policy

Do use the Droid Zap app? Anyone plan on installing it, please let is know in comments box below.

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