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April 17, 2013

Motorola to offer the ‘stock’ Android experience


It has been about one year since Google acquired Motorola Mobility, and everyone has been wondering when we will start to see Google-influenced Motorola devices on the market. Google and Motorola have been very hush-hush about information regarding their merger, but that changed a bit today when Motorola Executive Jim Wicks spoke to PCMag.

In the interview, Wicks revealed that the company would be releasing its first products under Google in the second half of this year. There wasn’t much talk about hardware, but Wicks did comment about the Android experience on the upcoming devices, stating, “It will be the unadulterated version of Android, and I feel really good about our embracing Android and being the best Android experience.”

In addition, Wicks talked about their plans to focus on smaller 4.3” displays, instead of the monster 5.5” — and above — displays that are currently on the market. I think this is a good move for Motorola. At least for me, I have not wanted a phone that can barely fit in my pocket. I want something that I can use with one hand, is easy to hold, and comfortable to talk on. The other benefit to Motorola focusing its efforts on smaller displays is that the consumer may not have to settle for low to mid-range features anymore. Typically, the devices with less than 4.5” displays are on the lower end of features and quality. With Motorola putting out 4.3”-display devices, consumers should start to see better-quality devices with top of-the-line features that can compete with its bigger-screen brothers.

We will have to wait a while to see if this information comes to fruition, but I am very excited about Motorola’s future. If we do see these new devices later this year, Motorola will grab a lot of people’s attention. That said, what do you think about Motorola’s plans to focus on smaller displays? Is it the right move?

Source: Phonedog, PCMag

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