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February 23, 2013

Music subscription service coming to Google later in the year


News has been filtering through both from the Financial Times and The Verge that suggest Google has been in talks with music labels regarding licensing deals for a music subscription service they hope to launch in the third quarter. It looks as if Google will offer a monthly paid subscription service for those who prefer not to buy just individual tracks and what’s more is they may offer a free tier that allows unlimited play and uses advertising to cover costs.

Actual details are not available as of yet but if Google pull this off other apps like Spotify and Deezer could be in for a challenge. I guess all we can do now is wait for more details to filter through and see if Google can actually extend there licenses to a subscription streaming model. It would be great for business as streaming services are white hot at the minute and almost everyone is getting on board with them so it makes great business sense. Would you like Google to offer this service or are you happy with what’s already available? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sources – Financial Times via The Verge


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