dispMeeting up with friends is great. None more so than at the March of the Droids event in May but, finding them in the crowd with all the waving and shouting and calling can be exasperating.

Exchanging notes and passing messages in work is good. But hassles of delivering the notes and getting caught is not!
Delivering your message to a crowd or across one is not an easy task. Enter: Display.

Display is your personal billboard which makes use of your phone’s large screen to show messages.

If you:

  1. Are looking for someone..
  2. Want to advertise..
  3. Pass message to a friend..
  4. Address a crowd..

..’Display’ is all you need to communicate over a distance, and be heard without making a noise!


  • Straight-forward and simple UI
  • Lightening fast start-up
  • Infinite text scrolling
  • Tap on text to pause
  • Various options to control the displayed text
  • Change size, style & color of text
  • Supports system keyboard emoticons
  • Select from 9 different font faces
  • Save unlimited number of texts
  • Pin saved texts to start screen for instant viewing
  • Delete those you don’t want
  • Live tiles with all three sizes


‘Display’ comes with 4 preset texts and you can add as many as you want. Adding new displayable texts is very easy and comes with a lot of formatting options. Text scrolls in full-screen and in largest possible font-size.

Display is very easy to use and also has a built-in tutorial/help (via Settings). But, in case you have any problem using the app, you can contact the developer using the ‘Feedback’ option in the menu.

It is a paid app which is currently available of £1.29 with free trial. Trial version of the app does not allow saving of new texts. User can access all formatting options while creating a new text, but won’t be able to save it. Also, trial does not allow deleting of default texts that come with the app. Though, you can pin default texts on the start screen.

The app does not appear to be showing in Windows mobile store for some reason so we have the link and QR code below for you.

disp disp_qr


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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