On Android we are blessed with umpteen tuneup apps but when one comes from such a company as AVG I wanted to give it a good run, and I wasn’t disappointed. AVG TuneUp does what it says.
What’s in this version:
New from AVG!
A lean and slick app that lets you take control over your phone or tablet’s performance.


Over the last few days I have been watching it going through each of the tasks, Task killer, Battery Consumption, Data usage and Storage Usage.
So lets go through each one:
Battery Consumption:
● Extend your battery life – set an alert to let you know when you run out of juice so you can turn off specific functions to save power for when you need it most.
● Monitor apps, utilities and services power consumption.
● Power Saving Options – lists the utilities and services that are draining your device’s juice and lets you set which ones you want to switch off or change to save power.
Task Killer:
● Many apps and services are running on your device which may affect your device’s speed and stability. Task killer lists the active apps, games, utilities and services on your device, tells you how much memory they, for how long they’ve been active, and lets you stop the ones you don’t need running to free up memory space and potentially speed up your device.
Data Usage:
● Stop worrying about how much data you use by setting up your mobile data alerts. AVG TuneUp will let you know when you’re nearing your limit so you can make the right decisions.
● See a breakdown of data usage per app, the total amount you used and how much remains. Customise your alerts based on data size, usage frequency, start date and alert threshold.
Storage Usage:
● With space at a premium on your phone, it’s good to know what’s on it so you can free up space for the things you really want.
● We all have apps we no longer use or run in the background without us necessarily knowing, so if your device freezes up often, easily delete the ones you don’t want to help get things running smoothly and potentially speed it up.
● Storage Usage Monitor: find out how much internal memory and SD card space you’re already using and how much is left, with a list of all the apps and utilities that are on your phone and how much space they use. Simply delete the ones that you don’t want any more to make room for the things you do. You can also move apps from the internal memory to the SD card.

Get more Power, Stability, Space and Control. Extend battery life, kill tasks that slow down your device, optimize storage and monitor data package usage.
AVG TuneUp also has its own Widget! Add it to your device’s home screen so you can easily and conveniently monitor your device’s performance and take relevant actions when necessary.
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As AVG TuneUp runs in the background after setting it up you don’t need to look at it again. The only point I would make is that if you’re running AVG AntiVirus app then in all seriousness you don’t really need this as AVG AntiVirus app has a performance app built-in.

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Senior Editor
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