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October 22, 2014

New game modes heading to Titanfall tomorrow


Earlier today we told you that Respawn had big Titanfall news for us and it would be announced via livestream on Twitch. Well the stream is over and here’s the best of the details.

Lets start with the big news, a new 4 player co-op mode is coming called Frontier Defense. This will allow 4 players to team up and battle “waves of A.I.”, sounds good to me and it certainly looked great. That’s not all tho as along that is two other upcoming modes called Marked for Death Pro and Deadly Ground. The update is set to go live tomorrow, October 23 so maybe it’s a good day to play the sick card?

So what’s the modes about?

In Frontier Defense you will be battling waves of A.I. and the demo during the livestream looked like a load of fun. Between the waves of enemies you will be able to swap your load-outs to best handle the next wave. Whats more is you will have access to more weapons than you would in other game modes.

Marked for Death Pro is similar to Marked for Death, with the only difference being rounds are single-elimination. When the mark is killed, the other team get a point and the players respawn.

Last of all we have Deadly Ground. I for one can’t wait to play this mode. Basically the ground is covered in electrified fog and you have to wall run for your life. You can land in the fig but you have to get out quick before you die. I’m pretty sure this game mode will be a load of fun as I love wall running in every mode as it is.

Other than modes Respawn have introduced a new rating system. The idea is that every time you play you will be rated in the new star rating system. You will get 1 to 3 stars based on your performance on each map so it will be interesting to see where improvements are needed.

A new opt-in mode known as Ranked play will also be added but the description was vague. Respawn have said they will write a blog post detailing it soon.

Just incase you love your achievements there will be 17 new ones available after this update.

Check out the Titanfall Blog for full details

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