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March 18, 2013

New Android Gmail update enables actionable notifications


Gmail has just been updated for Android users and now included new actionable notifications for incoming email. The only drawback is that you will only benefit from this update if you have a handset running Jelly Bean. This new feature means that emails can now be archived, replied to or deleted directly from the notification window. Actionable notifications aren’t new as they were introduced in Android 4.1 but as of yet it is safe to say they aren’t used to their full ability but it is a pleasure to see Google using the functionality.

The new update does show some love to other users and enables faster search for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and introduces some performance improvements for users still on Froyo and up.

It is being widely reported at the minute that this new update to Gmail is causing loads of problems with Light Flow app (this controls LED flashing for notifications). Users are reporting that the app is crashing uncontrollably. The only fix that seems to work for users is to totally uninstall the app temporarily until the developer can find a fix.

Source – Official Gmail Blog

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