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August 17, 2012

New Halo 4 multiplayer character classes unveiled

You’re going to play Halo 4 this Autumn, there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. You know it. Your friends know it. Your family knows it. Your significant other knows it (What’s that?You haven’t told them yet? Trust us, it’s probably best to do so sooner rather than later).

For Xbox owners, there is simply no bigger game. But with today’s unveiling of multiplayer Specialisations – essentially, Spartan mini-classes that will further customize, enhance, and prolong your Halo 4 War Games multiplayer experience –you’re probably underestimating just how much of your life is about to be spent with the Spartan IVs. We’ve got a breakdown of all eight Specialization classes, starting with the basics, along with details straight from the mouth of Halo 4 Spartan Ops designer David Ellis. Buckle up, people we are Oscar Mike (On the Move in military speak).

The developers behind Halo 4, the most hotly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of this year, say they’ve added ‘specialisations to the eight classes available in the multiplayer, which can be unlocked once the player hits level 50 in the online mode.

The specialisations give players 10 levels of unlockable content that include new armour, armour skin sets and cosmetic items, as well as a game-changing perk unlocked at 10th level. Two of the specialisations, Pioneer and Wetwork, will be available at launch, while the rest will come online later. Players who purchase the Halo 4 Limited Edition will have access to all eight new specialisations right off the bat.

In an interview with gaming website, IGN,343 Industries’ David Ellis said the “specialisations are just another opportunity to make the play experience months and even years after release feel fresh”.

“We’ll be watching the level curve of the community closely close launch and will do our best to role Specializations out as we see segments of the playerbase reach max rank,” Ellis said.

The advantages of the different specialisations are as follows:

Wetworks: Players who prefer stealth-based gameplay will probably want to opt for Wetworks, which dampens the sound of their footsteps and makes them harder to spot immediately by anyone using Promethean Vision – they show up as an outline rather than a large red silhouette.

Pioneer: If you want to level up fast, this is the specialisation to pick; Pioneer awards players a higher rate of XP for their actions, provided they have it activated.

Engineer: This mod is tied to weapons drops. Engineers get advanced warning of any drops coming in, meaning they have the opportunity to get to them faster.

Tracker: Another specialisation that affects weapon drops, only the Tracker can affect their contents once they’ve reached them. If they find that the equipment on offer isn’t to their liking, they have the option to re-roll them.

Rogue: If you’re a sniper, Rogue is the specialisation for you. Not only does it prevent scope wobble, it stops your HUD zooming out after each shot.

Stalker: Tired of being killed by the same player? The Stalker specialisation tags the last player who killed you and tracks anyone else foolish enough to take a shot at you.

Pathfinder: A specialisation for players who prefer the biggest guns. Pathfinder reduces the cool-down time on turrets and allows players carrying detatched turrets to move faster.

Operator: The specialisation for players more comfortable behind the wheel; gives resistance to EMPs and allows vehicles to recharge their health a bit faster.

Halo 4 is set for release on the 6th of November this year.

By Jonny Polea

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