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August 30, 2012

New innovative product alert: Meet CLIPY,The unique all in one iPod Nano and Earphone holder/stand

New Innovative Product Alert: Meet CLIPY, The Unique All In One iPod Nano and Earphone Holder / Stand

Ok so I’m down the gym on the bench wailing on the pecks, to my left the generic meathead idiot checking himself out in the mirror, to the right, the wee guy trying to lift just the bar. So to tune it all out I pop in my headphones grab my nano and select the awesomeness that is the Foo Fighters. My Hero is first on my playlist, so I turn it up to “ridiculous” as the guy to my left is screaming to himself as he lifts.

So I’m pumped and ready to start my next set when I start to hear a crackle. I reach up and check the wire connected the earpieces to see if the crackle goes away, to my horror and disgust it doesn’t. Now I don’t even have to look at the end connected to the audio jack, but as I unclip it from my shorts I can see the damage on the connection, time for new headphones.

We have all been there; the damage is caused by wear and tear on the connection due to the headphones being wrapped around the nano etc.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel ladies and gents. Meet CLIPY, your new best friend in the whole wide world.

This Awesome new Innovative design comes from AWS JAN, a brilliant product designer from London, and a graduate of Kingston University.

As you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that you not only want one, but need one, just by watching the video, please help this design come to fruition by visiting and support him by backing the project.

From concept to finished product (above and below)

Bonus Feature: This brilliant piece of gizmotry (yes, I did just make that up) doubles and as crackin wee nightstand alarm clock (a.k.a nano) holder.
As you can see, aesthetically it looks brilliant. If it were in stores now, I would be “on it like a car bonnet”. No longer will we have to buy six sets of headphones per year, help AWS to save you money in the longrun, you know it makes sense.
If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who have had to buy numerous pairs of headphones for your nano or any other device because of this, show your support by backing Aws Jan and by leaving a comment below.
By Jonny Polea
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