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November 6, 2014

New Malware Can Infect Your iPhone Or Macbook Via USB


As time goes on it is becoming more apparent that China and Apple devices just don’t get on very well at times. A new malware known as WireLurker’s has been attacking Apple devices in the region for the last sixth months and according to Palo Alto Networks (the cuyber-security firm which discovered it), it’s the biggest that’s delivered via trojan-horse OS X apps. What makes things even worse is it’s the first that can infect iOS applications like a traditional virus, and even auto-generates infected software. The company says that 467 apps have been infected and downloaded over 350,000 times leading to suspicions that it could be infecting “hundreds of thousands” of users. The reason this is a region problem is due to the fact the malware is hosted  on Maiyadi, a Chinese, third-party app store.

The downloading of infected apps isn’t the only way users can be attacked tho as WireLurker as it’s name suggests can gain access to iOS devices via USB or through your charger as well. OS X isn’t safe either as if you connect your iOS device via USB WireLurker moves in for the attack. The goal of the virus isn’t clear yet but we do know it can read your phonebook and iMessages which is bad enough. Palo Alto Networks is warning iOS users to avoid connecting to any unfamiliar devices and avoid using any strange third party chargers.

Looks like Apple’s security team will be busy for a while trying to solve this.

Via – NY Times
Source – Palo Alto Networks

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