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April 13, 2011

New Xbox 360 2.0.13142.0 Dash Update To Prevent Piracy

xbox dash update

OK all you Pirates out there can start to panic now as Microsoft has stepped up its game to tackling piracy on it’s Xbox 360. The new 2.0.13142.0 Dash thats due to drop springtime has an array of anti-piracy measures have a look see what you think. After all the Beta testing it was found that the new update will bring:

  • Reflashes the DVD drive to a new 0272 stock FW (only affecting Slim 9504 Lite-On with modified firmware for now) and changes known AP 2.5 challange/response table.
  • Adds multi-language voice commands for Kinect.
  • Adds HuluPlus as an app download via Xbox Live. The service will be available for U.S Xbox Live Gold Members only.[2]
  • Avatar Kinect. Allowing players to scan their face in real-time to match with their avatar.
  • Updates Netflixto include Kinect capabilities.
  • Support for new XGD3 disk format for games, adds 1GB of usable disk space and extra anti-piracy features to new games.




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