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April 28, 2013

Next Browser Beta 1.2 released from the Go Launcher, Go Dev Team


I’ve been using Next Browser beta since v1.0 on my HTC One S just to see how the development of the browser is coming on. And it is making strides to become a simple, but yet powerful browser.
We are not looking at an All-Singing-And-Dancing browser here but, one that does its job quickly, smoothly and with ease for the user.
It comes from the stable of the GO Launcher by the Go Dev Team. they have looked at what they could do to give, the user, a simple looking but powerful way to search the web.

They came up with the following:

1. Custom Speed Dial: clean, fast and beautiful!
2. Search and Voice : get anything you want!
Voice: make it more fun!!
3. Next View: explore the world with you!
Reading Detail: clear and comfortable!
4. Tabs Browsing: fast and cool!
5. Browser Extensions: different functions of plug-ins
6. Sync your bookmarks: to different mobile devices


Screenshot_2013-04-27-17-55-40-614x1024 Screenshot_2013-04-27-18-02-37-614x1024

At the moment it’s geared to showing US sites like,, etc., with news feeds from the US as well. There’s no way as I can see to change to the UK or any other country right now but, I would think suspect is will come later.
The news feed is similar to HTC’s Blinkfeed or Flipboard, which I like.
Search and Voice page is where you can change the settings in fact delete those you don’t want and use the plus (blank) tab to add your choice of website. You will also see the Bookmarks tab which is a dropdown page within the page. Go to a website, tap the 3 dot menu (top right) and tap the star icon, then a bookmark UI comes up, tap save. Go back to the main page tap the bookmark bar, and there you have your chosen site.

   Next2 Next1

Yes it’s looking good and could be my choice of browser on my One S. I look forward to seeing more improvements over the next few weeks/months. As yet there’s no Tablet version. Hit the logo below to go to the GO site and download the NEXT browser


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