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November 4, 2013

Nexus 5 How To Disable apps


When it comes to disabling apps, not all of them can be disabled for-instance in the “How To Change Hangouts SMS Apps” the Handcent SMS app can’t be disabled only “Uninstalled” this can lead to confusion with users coming to Android OS for the first time or, users not having looked around the settings to much to be bothered with finding things out.

So we are going to look at Google’s G+ app.

For most users it is not always about speed but, to the  power user and Geeks among us there can never be too much speed, never be too many free resources.

One of the most popular  things to do in Android, to set your phone or tablet free from that all too well known carrier/OEM stuff (othen called bloatware) is to DISABLE it. This keeps these apps from running and taking up system resources, leaving those resources for the apps and processes you actually DO want.

By disabling, the apps aren’t uninstalled and are still sitting in your devices and, therefore, can be re-enabled should you change your mind.

The Nexus 5 device not not have 3rd party apps as such nearly all are Google apps which can for the most part be disabled but, be very careful. Disabling apps can cause other apps to misbehave, as they rely on each other. Most of them are called in-house apps.

Disable_WarningFirst you’ll want to head towards Settings, by pulling down on the notification bar or clicking any shortcut for it that you may have:

Sms2a_WMThen, you’ll want to head to the Apps, under Device. Scroll down the list until you see the one you want to disable, in this HowTo we are going to disable Google+ (G+)


Now, we’re in the main area and just have to disable our app  On our Nexus 5 you’ll tap ‘Disable’.


This is the warning notice that show up after pressing disable

Delete data and Disable App?

If you disable a built-in app, other apps may misbehave. Your data will also be deleted


Once you’re absolutely sure, certain nothing else you want to use is going to be broken by disabling the app go ahead and tap ‘OK’:


At this point your device is probably just a little happier and things are just a little bit better in the world. One less potentially performance-sipping app robbing your device of resources.
With this you’re done and free to disable any other apps you may wish.

Please be very,very careful of disabling  any Google Built-in app


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Dave Thornton

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Senior Editor
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