One thing that we are guilty of here at BeginnersTech is not looking at and reviewing Windows products. The main reason for that is there aren’t any of us fully interested in them enough to go out and spend the money on a Windows Phone and review it. Luckily enough our friends over at Clove Technology have our backs and have sent us the Nokia Lumia 1520 to see what we thought.

So the Nokia Lumia 1520 is a first of its kind on Windows Phone with its enormous 6″ 1080p screen and it is packed with many features and specs that we haven’t seen on Windows Phone yet like the Snapdragon 800 processor so I was pretty excited to give them all a try. It is worth pointing out that I had spent about three weeks with the Lumia 1520 before writing the review so I have definitely put it through its paces.

So let’s start at the beginning and the first question I asked myself when Clove had told us they were sending us the device over. How comfortable is this 6″ monster going to be when using it daily. This is not the first time I have used a device of its size as i also have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but on devices of this size the shape and feel can make or break it. I can tell you now the Lumia 1520 feels great in the hand and I had no problems at a lll with one handed use. If you have tiny hands then you may want to look elsewhere but I was easily able to access all the buttons screen with relative ease.

On the other hand if you wear tight jeans or coats with small pockets you may find it difficult to get the device in and out. For me this was not a problem but for my wife it was near impossible.

Although I have never used any of Nokia’s flagship devices on a daily basis I have had plenty of opportunity to have a quick play and the first thing you will notice if you are coming from another Nokia flagship is the look and feel is very similar. The handset is constructed from that lovely colourful polycarbonate (available in red,yellow,white and black) that has been present on Nokia devices for a few years now. The thing I enjoy most about this design is the smooth sloped edges they are very slick and compliment the handset’s size well, I  say this as I also have the HTC One Max in my hand at the same time and the sharp edges of the Max are just not as nice as the Lumia 1520’s.

Let’s talk about my favourite part of this device, that beautiful 6″ 1080p screen. When comparing it to my Galaxy Note 3 it is evident that it’s slightly bigger and calculations show that it is actually 11 percent bigger. The display is just beautiful, it’s bright, colourful and very sharp at 367 ppi (Pixels Per Inch). Im actually going to go as far as saying this is the best display I have ever used on a mobile device.

The screen compliments the Windows Phone UI perfectly and there may be plenty of haters of Windows Phone 8 out there but it is certainly a good looking interface. The live tiles just pop and the fluid transition animations just make this one awesome visual experience. Watching YouTube videos or a movie is a pleasure on this device and your not going to miss much on this screen.

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So its not all awesome especially when it comes to the downsides of running Windows Phone 8. The main downside I noticed is the lack of Apps available on Windows Phone 8, as a daily iOS and Android user it has to be said that Microsofts AppStore is nowhere near as good as the competition. It should be noted that this is a younger ecosystem so the App Store is growing daily but with no Google Apps like Hangouts and Google Plus available I found myself turning to my iPhone or HTC One M8. I suggest you have a look before taking my word for it as all the apps my wife puts to use on a daily basis were all present so it may just be my selection that weren’t.

So another great bonus with the Nokia Lumia 1520 is the beast of a camera, it’s a 20-megapixel PureView shooter and the results are just crazy good. I have never used a smartphone camera as good as this in my many years of tech testing. When you take a picture the camera actually takes two pictures, a small 5MP shot that allows for quick sharing and the wonderful high-res version that you can only access by plugging the Lumia 1520 into your PC or Mac. Some people say Megapixels are over rated but when you want to blow one of your images up they are vital. I managed to take some long range shots and zoom in on a subject with ease and the results were unbelievable. There are many options available in the camera settings that are sure to cater to all your photography needs but auto works just fine for everyday usage.

So whats the battery life like? This is another area were the Lumia 1520 blows away the competition, I have literally never seen the battery close to empty while using it all day and charging at night, and thats with heavy usage. I would say this area is one that you will never have to worry about.


Overall I would say the Nokia Lumia 1520 has taken Windows Phone to a whole new level. I have never liked Windows Phone’s but after spending three weeks with this beast I wish I had more time with it. It may lack the Google Apps that I use but I could always use the browser version if need be. If your looking to buy this device I would say go for it you will not be disappointed with the wonderful display, awesome camera and just smooth and fluid performance. It never failed me once on testing and it really made me think about picking the next flagship up. If you like what you see then hit up the Clove logo below for more information and pricing.


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