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May 20, 2014

O2 has introduced five tablets to its O2 Refresh range


O2 has introduced tablets to its ground-breaking O2 Refresh tariff for the first time. The move means that customers will be able to grab a top-of-the-range tablet but not have to pay the full-price up-front.

With tablets on O2 Refresh, a customer picks the model they want from the O2 range, then chooses a data bundle (with 500MB, 1 GB, 3GB, 5GB or 8GB per month on offer) and can then spread the cost of the device over 24 months.

O2 has a range of top-class tablets on offer, including the Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z2, Samsung Tab 3 10.1 and Samsung Tab 3 8.0, the Google Nexus 7 and Asus Fonepad. There are O2 Gurus available in stores to help customers pick the right tablet for their needs and a data bundle that to suit all tastes.

How Tablets on O2 Refresh work

For example, the Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z2 would cost £529.99 up-front from O2.

Using O2 Refresh, a customer can opt for a 3GB per month data bundle and to spread the cost of the tablet. That would mean they’d pay £21 per month for the device and £15 per month on Airtime. In effect, they’d spend just £504 for their tablet, with a dramatically lower up-front cost.

What’s more, with O2 Refresh, customers can choose to pay off the value of the tablet whenever they choose (rather than the combined cost of the device and the Airtime, which is the case with other providers’ mobile contracts).

That means a customer who wants to upgrade early could save hundreds of pounds. For example, if a customer wanted to pay-off seven months into their contract, they would spend just £357 to buy their Xperia outright and cancel their Airtime plan, rather than the combined cost of £612 they would have to stump up with a non-O2 Refresh, traditional mobile contract.

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