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July 21, 2014

O2 say Brits spend 22 million hours per year lost whilst on holiday

O2 Tariff Bolt Ons from in EuropeAs summer is now in full swing, I thought you’d be interested to know that O2 has upgraded its Travel tariff, to help Brits stay connected when they travel in Europe.

  •         Pay Monthly customers will be charged £1.99 per day for all the data they need in Europe and Pay & Go customers get access to 50MB of data per day at the same cost.
  •         The improved tariff lets customers use data without having to worry about costs or having to rely on access to WiFi networks, meaning that holidaymakers no longer need switch off their data or leave their mobiles in their hotel room.

This comes off the back of a study by O2 Travel which revealed…

  •         The biggest bugbears for holiday makers include getting lost (20%), struggling with the language barrier (22%) and eating unappetizing food (21%) – all things can be helped with the aid of a smartphone!
  •         Only 14% of tourists take their phones out of their hotel room on day trips, with almost two thirds of those surveyed saying they switch off data on their smartphone for the duration of their holiday.
  •         Over half (54%) stated that the main cause for ditching their phones while on holiday was the fear of returning to big bills.

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