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January 23, 2014

Ofcom Rules to Protect Consumers And Small Business’s starts today

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Consumers and small business’s who enter into a mobile, broadband or landline contract from today, Thursday 23rd January 2014 will be allowed to exit that commitment without penalty if their provider increases the monthly subscription fee above what was agreed at the time of sale.

The 30 day notice that Ofcom says service providers will have to give customers of any price hike and allow customers to cancel their contract. Any changes should be laid out clearly and transparently in emails or letters.
The new rules only apply to customers’ main monthly payments and not extras such as premium rate phone numbers or additional minutes. However, if an operator reduces a customer’s voice, data or text allowance, this would be treated as a price rise as they will be paying the same amount for less.

Exit without penalty

So to put it in easy to understand wording. If your service provider makes ANY change to your main contract, you have the right to terminate it without any penalty.  Great news for consumers.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom’s consumer group director said:

“We have reached an important milestone in our work to ensure consumers and small businesses have better protection against unexpected price increases, Additionally, our new guide highlights important factors customers might want to consider before entering into a new contract to help them understand exactly what they are signing up to.”

Source: Ofcom


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