A lot of the big phone manufacturers are making there own accessories and cases these days and why not as it generates more money. It benefits the consumer as well as they can buy quality accessories that fit there device 100%.

holding s4

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S4 is a beautiful device that if you are lucky enough to own, you will want to protect it with some nice accessories. I have always been a fan of cases that let you keep the awesome looks of your device but still provide enough protection to keep you from being paranoid constantly. The solution is Samsung official Galaxy S4 flip cover. This cover is going to protect that beautiful 5-inch screen and allow you to keep all the good looks and functionality that the S4 has to offer.

two backs

Fitting it is a breeze simple snap the rear battery door off and pop the new case on. It literally takes 60 seconds and looks great. We have included a video review below to allow you to see it function on our Galaxy S4 so sit back and enjoy.

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