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March 25, 2015

Opera Mini browser for Windows Phone updates with new, refreshing modern look

Opera-Mini-betaWindows-Phone-8Opera said at Mobile World Congress, that it would release an update to their Windows Phone app that would bring with it a refreshing new look. Well the good news is that they have done so and, have done a good job at that.

Gone are the relatively finger-unfriendly icons, now replaced by much larger and bolder designs. The app now also appears to default to a more mobile friendly view of the page rather than a zoomed out desktop view, which again is more appropriate for phone access.
They do however waste some screen space advertising how much data their proxy service is saving, which can be seen in the Old v New screenshots below.



Going forward however the new screenshots below give a much better indication into the refreshing look Opera has given to the browser.



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 Version for Windows Phone 8.1, can be downloaded from the link below


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