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May 5, 2015

Oppo upcoming R7 handset will have a full metal unibody

oppo-r7-leak-3Now that the next Oppo name and date have been released, the name is R7 and release month is this month, May but, no actual date as yet have been officially confirmed by the company.

Oppo have released more information on materials that the handset will made from. Following on with the metal-clad R5, The Oppo R7 will feature a full metal unibody.

Part of the company press release reads:

As the successor to the OPPO R5, which boasts silk-like metallic texture, a strong body and a unique stainless steel micro-arc frame and back, the OPPO R7 has even more to offer. In addition to the 2.5D touch screen, it continues the metallic design of the premium R series to provide a luxurious feel as well as a high-quality visual experience. Besides further increasing the metallic ratio, the OPPO R7 sports a metal unibody undergoing 48 polishing processes to retain the original metallic flavor as well as a curvy and lustrous charm, thus delivering a peerless feel in the hand.

The Oppo R7 will come with a 2.5D glass touchscreen, very narrow bezels, and will feature a super slim design,  something we’ve now come to expect from Oppo’s ‘R’ line.

The super-thin Oppo R5 had a camera sensor that protruded visibly out of the chassis. This was ultimately a trade-off that Oppo had to make to shave off millimeters without affecting image quality.

Looking at the press image above, we can now see that the R7 will follow the super-thin Oppo R5 had a camera sensor that protruded visibly out of the chassis.

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