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March 27, 2013

Original Sonic the Hedgehog coming to Android


If you are a Sonic fan prepare yourself for a treat as big news came from the Game Developer Conference 2013 (GDC 13) that the original Sonic the Hedgehog has been remastered and it is making its way to Android devices in April.

As a kid I spent days playing Sonic with my younger brother so I was delighted by this news. The Sonic games that are available now don’t do a great job replicating the speedy gameplay that we saw back in the early 90s but the remastered version we are set to see here is set to deliver a “rock solid” frame rate and take advantage of the the big screens we now find on Android devices. I know what your thinking, you can play Sonic on emulators now, but lets be honest the genesis controller overlay is nowhere near as good as a full touch screen experience will be. So it won’t be long now till Sonic is back at its best so go dust the Game Gear or MegaDrive off now and get practicing.

Source – Android Police

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