OtterBox is a leading brand when it comes to reliable protection and accessories for your mobile or tablet, so it come’s as no surprise that the OtterBox Commuter series case for HTC ONE offers phenomenal protection for your expensive handset. If like me you love your new phone then, you are going to want to have a good look at this review.

OtterBox supplies a huge line of cases for the HTC ONE (and other devices), but the Commuter Series is a good solid case. OtterBox tells us that this case will protect your HTC ONE from drops, shocks, dust and scratches, this is hardly surprising considering it features 2 layers of protection and also they supply a screen protector.

Quote — OtterBox

Unlike many cases out there, the Commuter Series case for the HTC One is more than a good-looking, fashionable case. The Commuter Series is slim, sleek and attractive, but it is also extremely protective. With a slick exterior made of a hard polycarbonate plastic shell that allows your HTC ONE to slide easily in and out of your pocket and an inner silicone layer that acts like a cushion to absorb shock and impact, the two-layer Commuter Series case for the HTC One is made for on-the-go, always-on use. Staying protected — and connected — never looked this good. If you’re looking for more robust protection check out our Defender Series HTC One case

OtterBox case’s once on are not readily easy to take off, taking it apart can sometimes be a struggle but after a few attempts it should be no trouble at all. Although it has to be said, for the HTC One you should not need to take it off. One thing that we found to be very important while applying the case is to make sure the screen free from dust and fingerprints before applying protector. Giving it a small wipe with the cloth provided, then apply the protector, before applying case ensures that the screen protector is hardly noticeable.

The outer layer of the case is a hard plastic shell, where the inner layer is softer, giving it a bounce effect if you drop it.Both parts snap together around your HTC ONE. Within the inside of the plastic is lined with a soft rubber it will prevent even the case itself from damaging your precious new phone.

The Commuter’s inner layer is made from silicone rubber. This rubber is wrapped and tucked around by the plastic outer layer and as mentioned above can be a bit of a chore at first. The rubber layer on the Commuter is probably the thickest silicone layer we have seen on any case thus far so it will take on any shock absorbing duties you through at it without so much as a whimper.

With the Two layers put together the only parts of your HTC ONE that don’t feature full protection are the on/off switch, speakers, mic and camera. The mini usb and headphone jack both feature flaps of rubber that give even these protection, they both click-in to the hard outer shell. When covered over it will keep them safe from moisture and dust to ensure they are never in danger. Accessing all the ports is easy enough even with big fingers I could change the sound profile from silent to sound with no trouble.


Supplied with the case is a screen protector for our HTC ONE we were worried that it may not function as well as normal with the built in protector, but to our surprise it functioned perfectly. It actually felt like I was just touching the glass on the phone.

The Otterbox Commuter is the first case we have reviewed for the HTC ONE but, with Otterbox, which ever phone you have, you not only get protection but quality. I would say that you are looking at being protected from everything apart from a dip in water. It will protect against a splash or a quick call in the rain but unfortunately it is not fully waterproof. The only other downside to note is the added bulk that it adds to your device, but would you rather a bit of bulk with loads of protection or a thin case that’s not up to the job? That’s something you will have to consider.

Overall we are very impressed with this case and I now use it on a daily basis. It is very well designed and must say it certainly looks the part. If you do a quick search on YouTube you will see people throwing their HTC ONEs from roofs with this case on and the results are impressive. So if you want a case that will protect your HTC ONE to the highest levels then you can purchase one from OtterBox for £23.00 approximately and it comes in two colours.

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