When it comes to protecting your smartphone it’s always a safe bet to pick up an Otterbox case. Otterbox make high quality cases and as a long term user of the brand I have never been let down. Today we are going to look at a case from the Symmetry series which I have actually never used before so let’s dive in and see what I thought.


The Otterbox Symmetry series for the iPhone 6 is not as rugged as the other Otterbox cases like the Commuter and Defender range and is designed to offer great protection without over bulking your new device.


The Otterbox Symmetry features a one piece dual-material design – the back of the case is made of a hard plastic giving the case a solid look and feel while the inside and sides are rubber-lined.


The rubber also extends around the front bezels providing a beveled edge to help protect the front of the device when lying screen down.


The dual material design is great and unlike other cases in the Otterbox range this is a one-piece case. The dual-material design provides the perfect balance of protection giving great shock absorption and impact protection to your iPhone 6. The fact that it’s one piece makes for easy fitment as well as you just snap the case in place, no need for wrapping a rubber layer followed by a plastic shell like we see on the Commuter and Defender series.


All the cutouts are where you would expect them to be and give satisfactory access to all the ports, speakers and microphone. The volume and power buttons feature a rubber covering that slightly protrude making them easier to press.


When it comes to bulk the Symmetry case does add a little, its nowhere near what we find on the Commuter and Defender series case but it is noticeable. As a long term case user I can tell you that it feels like a premium case and the textured design on the back and rubber sides make it a pleasure to hold.


This case has been used and tested by my wife for around three weeks now and overall she felt that the Otterbox Symmetry for iPhone 6 provided great protection without adding to much bulk to the iPhone 6. The dual-material design of the rigid plastic and rubber are what is considered the gold standard of protection these days but I must say I really prefer the one piece design. The Symmetry for iPhone 6 will set you back £29.99 from MobileFun, a price point that seems fair for the level of protection coupled with premium design. There are many different design options you can choose from so I’m sure you will find one that suits your taste. If you have any questions about the case feel free to leave a comment below.


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