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July 31, 2013

Our Tips on buying a Case & Screen Protector + Bonus Giveaway


When you buy a new Smartphone especially from a High St store they will try and sell you a case and/or a screen protector. This is part of their job so don’t think too badly of them.

Often though the products that they try to sell you are grossly over-priced and you can purchase the same or similar item’s at on-line stores like MyTrendyPhone.

Screen protectors and case’s are not everyone’s first thought, they just want to get the phone out-of-the-box and play with it — quite understandable.

When we here at Beginnerstech buy phones or tablets the first thing I do is put it on charge and look on the internet at case’s and screen protectors. We here at BeginnersTech know that manufacturer’s claim scratch resistance glass but but that’s it ‘resistance’ not scratch proof!

Buying a Screen Protector:

Please don’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest on eBay as you can literally be buying rubbish, ones that are badly cut, holes don’t line up, or not the right size.

Most of the time these cheap ones don’t last more than a few weeks, and by that we mean four to six at the most. Far better to buy from reputable on-line stores.

Buying a Case or Cover:

We find the ideal thing to do is look in phone shops choose the style you like then look on-line at the various makes and colours.

When it comes to cases and covers you have a huge choice, not only type but makers as well. Let’s start with Cases, Flip up, Flip down, Wallet and Pouch the choice is endless but take your time deciding which one is best for you, not what someone else thinks is best for you.

CASE1 Cover2

Then we come to Covers, generally called gel cases, that protect all but the glass. Here again you can get a cheap one but, more often than not they don’t offer you phone the same protection that good quality ones do, with better support at the corners, lips-over the front to give the screen more protection.

Now the Bonus


MyTrendyPhone are giving away a few screen protectors so just comment on the shared post on their  Facebook page with BeginnersTech and your phone model and they will pick a few winners by tomorrow evening and contact you.



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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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